A little bit of self-care on your year abroad

Moving to a brand new South American city is far from easy, and sometimes it can all get a bit on top of you. But here I present you a tried and tested solution to these aforementioned days – a little bit of self care. With the cost of living substantially cheaper here in BA than most European cities, it is much easier to justify to yourself and your budget why you should definitely go and get your nails done and perhaps that your hair-highlights for the summer months are suddenly an essential. And even better, with The BA Clan benefits card you have no excuse not to!

D-Uñas, Palermo

Jorge Luis Borges 2177

Having first gone for a birthday treat and sneakily returning monthly ever since, d-unas nails have spots conveniently dotted across Palermo. It’s 555 for a set of perfect gel nails, with every colour in the rainbow to choose from.

Ismo Styling

Costa Rica 5685

Ismo Styling is a hairdressing haven, offering everything from a simple cut to a bougie-balyage. I was honestly a bit scared to get my haircut in a new place having gone to the same place in Manchester since I was a spotty teen, but Ismo and its lovely staff did not disappoint.

15% discount with The BA Clan.

Cabrones Barber Club

Gurruchaga 1532

Boys, Cabrones isn’t just your average barbers. Whether your indulging in a wet shave or trying out their finest beers, have a browse of their watch collection and admire the edgy interior whilst your there. Muy buena onda, chicos.

10% Discount from Monday to Wednesday with The BA Clan

Estetica Palermo

Eyebrow wax and tints, eyelash tints, waxes down yonder… you name it, Estetica does it, and at a very reasonable price.

Rooftop Yoga at Selina

Guatemala 4931

Having previously been to Selina Hostel for its rooftop views and cheap cocktails, I recently discovered that they also offer free sunset-yoga sessions on Saturdays. What better way to recover from busy-city-life?

15% off stays at Selina with The BA Clan.

Sparring Center

Raúl Scalabrini Ortíz 114

It’s easy to get carried away with the steak/ Malbec / Quilmes lifestyle in BA, and when this oh-so-indulgent trio becomes a part of your weekly routine you may just begin to feel a bit groggy. With 25% off your monthly subscription with The BA Clan, as well as 3×2 in personalised classes, keeping on top of your physical health does wonders, especially when it doesn’t break the bank.

25% off your monthly subscription with The BA Clan