Best green spaces in the city

Moving to a city as wonderfully chaotic as Buenos Aires can sometimes make you forget what it’s like to just relax in an open space. While spots in the campo like Tigre and San Isidro are easily accessible via trains and buses, there’s actually a great amount of tranquil parks and lakes dotted around central BA too. So grab the book you packed but are yet to open, pack your mate thermal and head over to one of the many green spaces in the city.


Av Del Libertador & Dorrego y Figueroa Alcorta | Palermo

Known as the ‘lungs of Buenos Aires’, bosque de palermo is a real delight. Within minutes you’re transported from a capital city to a leafy sanctuary and spirits are instantly lifted. What’s more, el Rosedal de Palermo is connected – a beautifully blossoming rose garden.

Photo: Trip Advisor

Parque Ecológico

Sarmiento 2601, Recoleta 

My personal favourite spot for running, Buenos Aires Eco Parque is an amazing space. Once the infamous Buenos Aires Zoo, the site is now being transformed into an interactive Eco-park with the focus of raising awareness of environmental issues and protecting the habitats of Argentina’s nature species.

Photo: infobae

Jardín Japones

Av. Casares 2966, Palermo

In the Latin American hub of Buenos Aires, lies a little pocket of Asia – el Jardín Japones. Originally built for the visit of Emperor Akihito and his wife Michiko, it’s actually the largest Japanese style-park outside of Japan itself. Surround yourself with bonsai trees, orchids and lanterns and you might even forget for a second which country you’re in. There’s also a cultural center; a Japanese restaurant; a nursery where you can buy your very own bonsai and a shop with Japanese crafts.

Photo: Turismo Buenos Aires

Lagos de Regata de Palermo

Av. Ernesto Tornquist 80, Palermo

While it’s not uncommon to see a dog-walker being pulled around Palermo by 12 or more peros of all shapes and sizes, early mornings at Lagos de Regata takes this to a new extreme. So if you’re in need of some great dog content amongst beautiful surroundings, this is the place. The lake is pretty impressive too, and you can rent a pedalo boat in the daytime. A good idea for a date, perhaps?

Photo: Trip Advisor

Jardín Botánico

Bounded by Santa Fe Avenue, Las Heras Avenue and República Árabe Siria Street.

Bang in the middle of the bustling Plaza Italia is a haven of tranquility – el Jardin Botánico. If you’re a flower enthusiast or just in the mood for an extremely aesthetic stroll, jardín botánico is the place to go. With greenhouses to visit and a cafe to sit and have a natter, it’s the perfect relaxing afternoon trip in the city

Photo: ArchDaily