Best places to watch football in BA

Whether you’re an avid football fan or just want to get to know Argentine culture a little better, the football games that go on here throughout the year are not to be missed! With so many bars and pubs to choose from, I’ve made it that little bit easier for you by handpicking my favourite spots in the city where you can go grab a pint and a bite to eat whilst cheering on the footy with friends.

Sullivan’s Irish Pub

Jorge Luis Borges 1702

With an Irish father and a childhood of begrudgingly complying with his rule of attending an Irish Pub in every city we ever visit, Sullivan’s in Palermo fulfilled this strange ritual. It’s everything you would expect from an Irish pub, with a great vibe and an even better selection of pints, including, of course, a pint of guinness.

The Gibraltar

Peru 895

Perhaps the closest you’ll find to an english bar in BA, a trip to The Gibraltar will make you think your sat in a slightly more upmarket version of your local Wetherspoons. With a killer curry and big screens, its a great spot for watching the footy – both of Argentina and international games too.

Photo: @likelabirra


Jorge Luis Borges 1654

With two floors and many screens showing the football on game day, VALK is a great place for catching the game. As well as over 20 different artesenal beers from all over the world, They offer a great burger+pint combo for $280.

Photo: @valktaproom


Serrano 1580

Diggs is fun and funky, with two huge screens. Don’t be surprised if you see a few stumbling River/Boca fans, but this only makes it more fun.

Photo: @diggsargentina


Gurruchaga 1791

Last but certainly not least, the rooftop screen on crêpas is quite frankly dreamy. They screen football games as well as films in the summer evenings, offering crepes in half-time. What more could you want?

Photo: @crepas