Walk around Buenos Aires like a local… In a few steps!

Buenos Aires is best known for its classic tourist neighborhoods such as San Telmo, Recoleta and Belgrano, each a piece of the big puzzle that makes up what Buenos Aires is all about.

Nevertheless, most of the millions of visitors that we receive every year don’t know that there’s so much more to see around than the common walk through the iconic corners of the city.

So, to help locals find out the magic that Buenos Aires has hidden under its belt, the City Government has started a new program called Barrios Creativos (as Creative Neighborhoods), which will include a group of audio guides available on Spotify, accompanied with downloadable maps and a self-guided walking tour.

How come?

According to the Culture Secretary, each audio tour will be hosted by a local who will guide you around their favorite places; but there is a plan on its way to expand the program to offer audio guides and more walking routes for all 48 neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

For now… each map contains five routes to walk through, and each point of interest offers a brief description along with an audio material which will teach you about the highlights of each barrio.


At the moment, the audio guides are only available in Spanish, but the Office of Tourism for the City of Buenos Aires is already developing a group of translated audio guides in more languages like English, Portuguese and Chinese.

On the other hand…

In addition to the museums and statues the tour will show you, it will provide many restaurant and bar recommendations, where you can have a yummy stop during your tour.

And if you are up for a night out…

The nocturnal walking tour has night tour in the joyful barrio of Chacarita, where you can get your own idea of fun, hopping between rock bars, whiskey houses and beer gardens.


The audio tours are available on Spotify (just search “Audioguías Barrios Creativos”) and the accompanying maps can be downloaded from the City of Buenos Aires’ website.