events for students in Buenos Aires

Our goal is to give our guests the best experience in Buenos Aires they can get. Through various activities especially designed by us, and made for you. We plan and organise private community events in Buenos Aires to encourage these relationships with our very own parties, sports get-togethers, movie nights and more. 

Student Life and Activities

Cultural and sports events

Get to know the argentine culture. Buenos Aires is full of sports events, museums, art galleries and much more.

Travel and gastronomy

Learn about the best cities to visit outside Buenos Aires that have the greatest landscapes and amazing people. Argentine gastronomy is one of the tastiest and richest in Latin America.

Musical events and Nightlife

Buenos Aires nightlife is one of the most attractive features in the city. Clubs, bars and parties all over the city any day of the week.


In a quick two hour flight, be almost anywhere in the country. Go up North and see the extraordinary Iguazú Waterfalls or go South and enjoy the beautiful Patagonia landscapes.


Events in Buenos Aires are extremely diversified. From outdoor music concerts to themed parties in secret clubs. Get out there and find the most original and fun events to attend!


Get to explore the Argentine culture. With more than 300 theatres in Buenos Aires, there are plenty of options to choose from. Museums, open galleries, plays, food fairs and more.


Sports are very important in the life of Argentinians. From Football to Polo you will see how passionate Argentinians are about their teams. Going to see a sports match is a must do in Buenos Aires!


Food is one of the main reasons why Buenos Aires is one of the best cities in Latin America. From the greatest meat to the very finest wine. Try it all!


Nightlife in Buenos Aires is one of a kind. Definitely something you should try out to get the real Argentine experience. Bars are open until late and parties go on all night.

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