Buenos Aires Internship Program

We offer the students the possibility to network with the best argentinian companies. The students will start the Buenos Aires Internship Program with the certainty that they will always be offered the best job positions according to the needs and goals of every student. 


    Our program

    It is ideal for beginners and advanced Spanish speaking students, as it gives you a great opportunity to work on your language skills while gaining experience in the professional field you want.

    We make sure every internship is paid in full and we supervise that everything you have been offered is provided by the employer. 

    The best place to work

    Well-known highly respected national and international companies

    Premium selection of the job position according to your area of expertise

    Supervision of previously agreed working conditions and assignments

    Why choose Buenos Aires?

    There are many cities in the world that are good for internship programs. But if you’re looking for an internship in South America, Buenos Aires is the best option.

    Buenos Aires is not only the political and economical center of Argentina but also the industrial center of the country. Every industry has a company located in the city. This gives you a wide range of opportunities to take on in any of the Buenos Aires Internship Programs .

    You can do your Buenos Aires internship program either in tourism, gastronomy, business among others. While you work you can experience this vibrant city and its welcoming people. This cultural exchange will make you more approachable in the future when  looking for a full time job.


    leave us your email and we’ll contact you with all the information you need. 




    Students are always guided by someone from our staff at The BA Plan. We see the whole process through: from the first contact with the local company until the end of your internship program.

    Learn Spanish

    While doing an internship program in Buenos Aires we can connect you with the best Spanish schools in the city. You can put it in practice right away at work and with your roommates at home.

    Work experience

    We offer the possibility to network with well known national and international argentinian companies. We provide the conditions so that our students can accomplish their professional goals inside the possibilities that our country offers.


    Dive into the argentine culture. In BA you'll find a mix between the european heritage in the old architecture and the food combined with the latin american ways of expression and looks. This makes Buenos Aires a very live and changing city.


    There's plenty of stuff to do in Buenos Aires. But if you're looking to travel you can jump in a quick two hour flight where you'll be almost anywhere in the country. There’s so many beautiful destinations that are so different one from the other.

    Gastronomy and nightlife

    There are thousands of different dishes to try out in BA. From very classy high-end restaurants where you can eat the best meat and drink the best wine to very cheap empanadas or chori-pan in a food truck on the street.

    intern reviews

    "The BA Plan facilitated my Audiovisual Production internship in Buenos Aires, during the summer. It was without a doubt one of the best things I've done!"
    Julieta Martin
    "I interned for The BA Plan for 5 months and this experience truly taught me a lot. I gained experience in a sector I love working in and had time to discover an amazing country! I’m very happy to say I contributed to the expansion of this company."
    Timothy Blade
    "My internship as an assistant manager taught me a lot about the general functionalities of an organization and how to work in a professional environment. An awesome experience!"
    Jacqueline La Corte