The BA Plan connects students with premium housing, great job opportunities, and the most popular social venues.

As administrators of a wide range of accommodations in Buenos Aires, our housing service connects students with top quality homes in order to make their stay in the city the most comfortable as possible.

In addition to our housing service, we help students consolidate custom-made internship opportunities as well as discover fun events in favor of making memories in some of the cities most exciting locations.


We started out in a single shared house but then it quickly became the start of our housing agency. We understood the needs of foreign students living abroad and we had to do something about it. All of the changes that The BA Plan went through over the years, resulted in the reform of our brand new website where you will find three main sections: housing, internships and events.


Create passionate relationships and communities between students from all over the world with the common goal to share all the hidden treasures Buenos Aires has to offer.


Provide premium and quality services with affordable accommodation options available in Buenos Aires - create the unforgettable experiences our guests need.